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Everything you need to know about fence design and installation from the experts.

Who we are?

San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors is a household name in fence design and installation. If you have been living in San Jose for some time, chances are that you have already encountered some of the finest fences, custom decks, gates, arbor, trellises, and a variety of ornamental and functional garden structures designed and installed by us.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


What we do?

We specialize in both Residential Fence Installation and Commercial Fence Installation. We work with a variety of material in building our premium fences and some of the varieties we offer include Vinyl Fences, Wood Fences, Aluminum Fences, Chain Link Fences, PVC Fences, Wood Fences, and Iron Fences etc. No matter how unique your architectural design scheme is, rest assured that at San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors we would find the right fit for your needs and your budget.

Depending on whether you are looking for the most aesthetically pleasing fence designs or want a security fence that is up to the challenge thrown up by the most sophisticated technology used by potential trespassers, our functional security fences can offer you the absolute best in terms of security and privacy.

We offer specialized security fencing through our Backyard Fence Installation and Automatic Gate Installation services. Being professional contractors, we only make use of the absolute best in construction materials such as premium grade wood, aluminum, iron and PVC. Construction materials such as hem and Douglas fir are always pressure treated and we endorse using only top-quality hardware.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


Meet our team

Our highly experienced team of construction experts takes pride in offering the utmost value for your money and the well-trained and carefully screened team has wide experience in building, installation and maintenance of all fencing and gate solutions that exceed government-compliance mandates and our client’s expectations in doing the same.

We can offer you quality irrespective of your needs, whether you want solutions for a public or industrialized setting, such as a shopping mall or a factory or want optimum protection for public assets such as public parks, sport arenas, schools or other civil and military properties. We also take care of your fencing maintenance and other smaller needs such as retaining or repairing walls, excavation work, building kennels or other animal enclosures, deer fencing and posthole drilling.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


Beyond meeting the functional needs of fencing, such as the absolute assurance in ensuring privacy and security, we know that a simple design need such as a Redwood Gate could be the absolute centerpiece of your overall fence design. We go that extra mile in ensuring that your gates are not only offer security and privacy, but prove convenient in everyday usage and most importantly, remain an elegant piece of the architectural design of your property for years to come.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


What sets San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors apart from other fencing solution providers?

With the growing level of uncertainty in the world around us, it is imperative that the privacy and security of your property is non-negotiable, whether you are physically present in the premises or not. Being one of the most recognizable names in the vibrant construction space of San Jose for decades, this is where San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors can help you out. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional value with faultless integrity and quality excellence while staying well within your budget and deadlines.

We understand that architecture and buildings are forever. Most of them are built to withstand the pressures of time and natural elements and many are the culmination of years of hard work, planning and putting together hard-earned resources. That is why, at San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors, we make it a point to really listen to your individual and idiosyncratic needs, survey the unique architecture and design sense of your property, before making suggestions that can help you realize exactly what you envisioned in your mind.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts

As can be seen by the testimonials left by past and recurring clients, at San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors we guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Right from planning, building and maintenance, our expert crew will be with you for your building needs at every step. Our crews will even ensure that despite the messy nature of construction work, you are able to conduct your daily routine on the property with the absolute minimum of interruptions and a commitment to cleanliness that protects not only the neighborhood but also the environment.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors Guarantee

As the testimonials guarantee, our workmanship is unmatched in the San Jose area. We respond to all queries and calls promptly and are equally efficient throughout the planning, construction and review stages of the work. As always, our crewmembers are always there to address any and all queries or concerns that you might have about the project and do so in a timely manner. In case you are not really used to having work done around the property, we will guide you in exactly what to do, what to expect, safety precautions you must take and maintenance best practices to adhere to in order to get the absolute best out of your gates and fencing.

We like working with exacting clients who know what they want with design and attention to detail. Sometimes, especially with garden or backyard projects, our clients want particular plants to stand out in an exact manner and the trellises and garden structures to be unobtrusive. Perhaps you want your redwood arbor not just to provide shade and beauty as a classic garden element, but also to match the design vision you had inspired by a classic painting. But perhaps the architectural parameters of the design space portrayed in the painting and your actual backyard are a difficult match at best. In those cases, we don’t just stop at simply installing the arbor. We will take utmost pains to design the area and match our craftsmanship with the challenges and demands thrown up by the workspace to sculpt your backyard living space into a living embodiment of that beautiful design idea.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


If it’s the other way round, and you don’t really have an idea as to how to go about designing your custom deck, our experienced custom deck design team can offer you a portfolio of design solutions. You can simply take your pick from a variety of aesthetically pleasing, unique outdoor living space solutions and pick a design that best complements the current design of your property.

We understand that a well-designed garden area or a quaint backyard design is not just there to show off to the neighbors – though the eyeballs don’t hurt! But attention to detail in architectural design is a hallmark of our work and helps reflect the soul of the designer through the finished design.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


Whatever your fencing needs, we are there to serve it!

It doesn’t matter to us how small or big your needs are. We will work with you until you realize exactly the vision you want to build! Whether you are simply looking for PVC Pergola or Wood Pergola, reinforcing or child-proofing your balcony railings or installing park benches or building a complicated enclosure around a property well-ensconced in forest areas to prevent animals and trespassers from entry, we will take the utmost care in understanding your exact needs and exceeding your expectations with our services.

If you are living in an old or renovated property, we also offer services such as Fence Repair, Fence Replacement, Gate Installations, Gate Repairs, Gate Replacement and building or maintaining Pool Fences. We stock the largest assortment of different grades and proportions of redwood, Ipe’ and cedar. This gives you the widest possible flexibility of choice when it comes to selecting the base material of construction and enables you to stay within budget with no compromise on design quality.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts


Give us a call today to get an estimate for your fencing needs absolutely free of charge! We will sort out your privacy and security needs with the best possible fencing solutions – all over a friendly cup of coffee and donut with our team members.

Also, we don’t compromise on the quality of the material that we use in fencing and making gates. We will give you the best material that your budget can afford. Our quotation will detail all this information because we are very transparent in all our dealings. The truth of the matter is that you cannot get such great deals from any other place other than San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors.

There are so many companies that offer fence and gate installation services but San Jose Fence & Gate Installation Custom Contractors stands from the all. We boast of having the highest level of expertise and  fence and gate installation equipment that will produce results that are not only gorgeous but also durable. All these benefits come at affordable prices and you can take advantage of these deals by hiring our contractors today.

San Jose Fence Installation, Repair Experts